Dental Crowns

Sometimes a dental filling isn't enough to repair a tooth but leaving decay or damage untreated can lead to worsening oral health issues.

Dr. James Vlassis often recommends lifelike custom dental crowns at his Fayetteville, NY, office to restore and protect weakened teeth.

How can a dental crown strengthen your smile? 

Dental crown

Dental Crowns Offer a Resilient, Natural-Looking Solution

Lasting Protection

In addition to repairing existing damage, a dental crown is designed to prevent further trauma. It sits directly on top of a tooth like a helmet, protecting the damaged enamel. Often, this may prevent the need for extraction, as well. 

Impressive Durability

Crowns are intended to withstand the considerable biting pressure placed on our back teeth. Depending on the material, a well-maintained dental crown can last a decade or more

Natural Appearance

During the planning stage, Dr. Vlassis will precisely color-match the porcelain to the patient's surrounding teeth so that the final result blends in with their natural smile as closely as possible. For this reason, crowns are often considered both a restorative and cosmetic solution for various types of concerns.

How is a dental crown placed?

After removing a small amount of enamel to make room for the restoration, Dr. Vlassis will place the dental crown directly on top of your tooth. 

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"When it comes to implants, Dr Vlassis is the best. He is very comfortable to be around. He explains procedures as he is doing them, and doesn't waste anytime. I have had a number of implants done by the good doctor and would not think of going anywhere else. I have known Dr. Vlassis 15 years, and recommend him highly."

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